Five Core Services:

Individual and Systems Advocacy:

Assistance with individual human rights issues as well as efforts to implement local policy and legislation to make systems change on a larger scale and all persons with disabilities. 

Peer Counseling:

Individuals with disabilities provide peer support and education on disability issues as well as share life experiences and problem solutions to other persons with disabilities.

Information and Referral Services:

Provide information on issues relative to disabilities and refer to appropriate service providers and/or sources.

Independent Living Skills Training:

Provide life skills training in areas such as: budgeting, cooking, shopping, transportation skills and social skills. 


Assist those with disabilities to live in the situation and community of their choice. 


How can I get a ride when I need to travel locally?

For Southeast Kansas locations SEK-Cap transportation services they are available here 

Is transportation available for medical appointments out of town?

If you have Medicaid, it will pay for medical transportation services of 50 miles or more. Only approved transportation providers qualify for Medicaid payment. Prior approval from Medicaid is required. For a list of the Medicaid approved service providers and prior approval, call 1-800-285-4978.


Is assistance available for locating accessible housing?

SKIL empowers people to make their own housing choices. The major common categories are HUD housing, individual home ownership and Section 8 voucher housing, though there are other solutions, too. SEK-CAP lists housing rentals that can be applied for in counties in Southeast Kansas. 

Can I own a home?

FMHA home loans are available to qualifying individuals. Persons who already own homes and need to make modifications for a disability, such as ramps or wider doorways, have several financing options available, including some waivers, grants and low-interest loans.

Assistive Technology

SKIL works with Assistive Technology for Kansans (ATK), coordinated by the University of Kansas, and operates two Assistive Technology (AT) Sites. There are a total of five sites operated in the state. The SKIL access sites provide services to Southeast and Southcentral Kansas. 

 Services available through the access sites include:

  · Available Systems and Devices Information
  We can help you choose equipment, make assessments, develop accessibility plans and make referrals to specialized clinics and service providers.

 · Funding Source Referrals
  We offer assistance with Medicaid Waivers, state and federal funding programs, flexible loan programs,   charitable organizations and private foundations.

 · Advocacy Services for Accessing AT
  We can explain applicable laws and regulations regarding funding eligibility. We also sometimes attend educational, family service and work related ;planning meetings as advocates.

 · Training and Public Awareness   Presentations
  We are available to make AT presentations to groups, employers, schools and other service agencies. The access sites provide one-on-one   training for new equipment users and in-service training for service   providers

· Local Try Before You Buy Equipment Loan Closet  
The SKIL access sites operate a local   loan center with a variety of switch adapted toys, adaptive gaming, early learning materials and adaptive software available for trial use.

If you need assistance with an Assistive Technology question, device or service, contact either of the SKIL access sites at or call for more information at your nearby AT office 

Assistive Technology direct website is


Volunteers help make SKIL Resource Center a stronger team.  At SKIL Resource Center, we simply cannot do the work we do without our great team of volunteers. The skills, services and talents that volunteers contribute is vital to our common mission of empowering persons with disabilities.

Whether it’s helping out for a day or on an on-going basis our volunteers make a difference in the individuals’ lives they touch. Take a look at the Volunteer Opportunities below that may appeal to you.  Let us know if you would like to help us out by completing a contact form.

In our SKIL Offices: our volunteers assist at the front desk helping individuals when they call on the phone and when they walk in the front door.  Volunteers also assist staff with filing, organizing and preparing for meetings.

Peer Support Mentoring: Through sharing one’s personal experience in dealing with disabilities a difference can be made in another person’s life so they can meet life’s challenges easier.  Provide one-on-one support to someone who will be glad you were there for them.

Community Outreach: Help us reach out to others by volunteering at monthly and/or annual events.  By getting involved and spreading the word to others we can make a big impact in the world around us.

Professional Services:  Use your professional skills and talents by helping out with our office operations or by serving on a team that will benefit by your personal experiences  and compassion in promoting SKIL’s mission.

Equipment Delivery: The KEE program gives durable medical equipment that is no longer being used to qualified individuals at no charge. Use your time and abilities in delivering medical equipment to someone in need.

To volunteer at a SKIL Resource Center Office,  contact your local SKIL Office to get an application. 

Day and Residential Services

Day Services: SKIL offers a day program that focuses on the empowerment of Individuals through meaningful activities that are peer-based. SKIL’s for Life, the name says it all.

Residential Services: SKIL offers Residential Support based in a person’s own home, not an agency-owned group home. We provide support to meet the persons needs so they can live independently. SKIL is a “No Restraint Agency”.