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Universal Accessible Park

Universal Access Park “Contract Release”

Slanger Park Pittsburg becomes Universally Accessible               Group of People standing on an access ramp


 The advisory board of the Multigenerational Universally Accessible Playground group awarded a contract to begin major renovation to Schlanger Park Playground in Pittsburg. The contract will be for design and equipment at a value of approximately, $400,000.  

The group, comprised of several community organizations in Southeast Kansas has worked fourteen months developing a potential design. Area residents have participated in focus groups to identify specific play equipment to be installed at the playground.  The project is now ready to move to the next phase.


The project will allow area residents to utilize the park as never before. People of all ages and people with disabilities will be able to play and interact on the same equipment.


Dr. Chuck Killingsworth Professor at Pittsburg State University may be contacted at (620) 235-4670 for more details

Minutes of the meeting are as follows;


Universally Accessible Playground Advisory Committee

Minutes of the meeting of Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Members Present:         Don Book, Bill Perry, Dave Sorrick, Shelia Marque, Donna Bogner, Chuck Killingsworth, Bill Cochran, Kim Vogel


Guests Present: Larry Sparks, GameTime; Lynn Meredith, KSEK; Michael Sullivan, KSEK; Lana Mitchell, SRS


Chuck Killingsworth welcomed the group and announced that there would be a kick off at Community National Bank, on Centennial Street, with in the next 3 weeks. 


Killingsworth stated that the purpose of the meeting was to announce that the committee voted and decided to go with GameTime to create and build the playground.  Bogner noted that a motion needed to be made to accept the vote for GameTime, Sorrick made the motion and it was seconded by Perry.  


Mr. Sparks of GameTime came forward to thank the committee.


Bogner said that she was going to visit with Nikki Patrick from The Morning Sun this afternoon and that an article should come out shortly. 


Killingsworth said that now we would begin working with sub-committees on fundraising & marketing plans and timelines. 


Bogner asked Mr. Sparks if there was any grant information from GameTime.  He said that last he heard there was not but he will give the person in charge of that a call. 


Sorrick noted that he spoke to members of the Pittsburg Area Community Foundation about funding but there needs to be a fitness & nutrition element, which maybe we could incorporate through programming. Bogner said that we could offer courses on obesity, autism and other disabilities.


Sorrick asked if we could have a set plan with dates and times for meetings.  Killingsworth said that he would email the committee about the best time for members to meet.