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Effort to redefine poverty potentially devastating

The Trump Administration has proposed a change to the way poverty is measured. While it might sound benign, this change could have far-reaching – and devastating – impacts on thousands of low- and middle-income Kansans, particularly on their health care.

The Alliance's Senior Policy Adviser, Sheldon Weisgrau, has taken a look at this proposal and outlined the ways it may harm Kansans.


Eligibility for KanCare (and KanCare expansion) is based on a person or family's income. Redefining poverty could lead to thousands of children and adults losing their health care coverage. Our job is to make sure this never happens.

It’s incredibly important that we push back against this proposed change to the way the government defines poverty. Strong advocacy efforts have thwarted previous attempts to make similar changes. The Alliance is submitting comments in opposition to the change and will continue to advocate for policies that INCREASE access to health care--not take it away.

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