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ACTION ALERT: Call your legislators! (KanCare Expansion)


It's no secret that the key to improving quality of life starts with health care. Doctors, business owners, and Kansans from all backgrounds agree on that. Now we need your help to make sure our legislators in Topeka know it, too.

We need you call your representatives THIS WEEK and urge them to give the KanCare expansion bill a chance to be debated and voted on.



So far, 36 states have expanded their Medicaid programs and many are seeing incredible success—an influx of state revenue, new jobs and, most importantly, more people getting access to life-saving health care. Now it's time for us to follow their lead.

This could be our year -- but it's up to the Legislature and the pressure we place on them to expand KanCare once and for all. Please call your legislators TODAY to help spread the urgency of expanding KanCare this session!


After you make your calls, let me know how it went. It really helps us determine where we need to make extra effort on our outreach.
Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.