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Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) Client Obligation Member Fact Sheet

• What is a Client Obligation (CO)?
Client Obligation is your premium for your Medicaid Insurance. The CO is paid to one or more of your providers each month if you have HCBS services. You have to pay you CO when your monthly income is more than the State allows for protected income.
• How do I know if I have a CO?
The State determines whether you have a CO, based on your income and the State’s income guidelines. The Kansas Department of Health & Environment will send you a letter indicating the amount you must pay monthly for your CO.
• How do I know which of my providers to pay?
Depending on your Managed Care Organization (MCO), it could be located on your Integrated Service Plan. If it’s not, you can ask your MCO Care Manager or contact your payroll provider and ask them.
• Do I have a choice of which provider will receive my CO?
Yes, as long as the provider is not an excluded type of provider. If you would like to change which provider will receive your CO, please contact your MCO Care Manager.
• What if I don’t have a CO, and receive a letter from the State that now I do?
This usually means your monthly income is now more than the State limit. You need to pay the amount of the CO that is in the letter from Kansas Department of Health & Environment.
• How can I reduce the amount of my CO?
There are certain medical and other expenses that you can submit to the State to have your CO reduced. To find out what these are and how to submit them, call the Department of Health & Environment (KDHE) Clearinghouse. The number is listed below.
• Who do I call if I have questions about the amount of my CO?
You should call the KDHE Clearinghouse at 1-800-792-4884.