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Cindy Miller has been waiting on the services that she has already been approved to receive since October 2010

"You can't just go around patting people on the head and say 'there, there, it'll be better soon'. We need more that 'soon'."

Cindy Miller has been waiting on the services that she has already been approved to receive since October 2010. Cindy qualifies for home and community based services as a result of her disabilities. She has contacted the necessary officials and has been told what is required to begin utilizing the in home supports.

However she has concerns about what she has been told by officials and state lawmakers. "The information they have given back to me has not been accurate. That's a big concern to me." She expressed that, "You can't just go around patting people on the head and say 'there, there, it'll be better soon'. We need more that 'soon'."

Cindy is excited at the thought of moving up on the waiting list. However she hopes it is not the result of people just dying.

Lou Ann Kibbee, Vice President of the National Council on Independent Living stated, "So many are barely surviving, and unfortunately some are not surviving at all. In December 2011, 15 people died while waiting for services on the Physical Disability waiver waiting list. If they had the services they needed, maybe they would still be living."

According to SRS, as of February 1, 2012 there are 3,433 persons waiting for HCBS/PD services.  30 persons died while waiting during the month of Jan., 2012.  30 persons entered a nursing facility.  The last person offered PD Services had been waiting for 3 years.  What's even more alarming is that in 2010, 7,200 persons were receiving HCBS/PD services, yet, now there are only 6,082 persons on HCBS/PD.  That's a reduction of 1,200 persons yet no one is moving off the waiting list.  Meanwhile, the state's ending balance continues to rise.

One of the ongoing concerns people express in accessing the services they are entitled to use is how it makes a person feel to ask, "I feel like I'm standing on a street corner in downtown Dallas with a sign that says deposit coins in cup." Cindy shared.

Several back surgeries along with other complications and Cindy no longer drives. She has sold her car for safety. She has balance issues and is not able to do many simple household tasks. For example her aunt and uncle assist with things as simple as carrying groceries into the house. They are over seventy and live on a farm in the area.  Washing clothes is a serious concern especially when it is time to pull the sheets out of the washer when they are wet. Preparing food is a constant issue and concern with food perhaps getting caught in the esophagus. Medications  and the safe use of them is an area that is difficult.   Falling in and around the home is an area Cindy is cautious about to keep from having her health deteriorate.

Independence is a big part of Cindy's life. This is true of many of the people living in Kansas. However many people need a little assistance with certain activities. Cindy relies on community services for transportation and her family. Home and Community Based Services would allow her to stay in her home and independent rather than have to live in a nursing home.

" I believe that our legislature is completely blind of the issues. I don't believe the have much of a concept of what people are struggling with" Cindy express a heartfelt frustration. "It's the little people, the little individuals that aren't getting the attention that would be necessary to help them."

"I just want what everybody wants." She explained as she shared that to be in her own home and a part of the community was very important. Click here for transcript