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Pat Shiu is the Director of the Office of Federal Contracts and Compliance programs discusses new job opportunities for people with disabilities


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Pat Shiu is the Director of the Office of Federal Contracts and Compliance programs. In a recent discussion about how companies are required to hire more people with disabilities she discussed how new guidelines will help improve employment for people with disabilities.

The effect of this new rule will be," the next great advance in the American civil rights movement" she shared during the discussion.

Specifically on December 9, OFCCP published a notice of proposed rulemaking to inform the public about proposed changes to the affirmative action and non-discrimination requirements of Section 503 which is one of the laws that OFCCP enforces. The comment period for this closes on February 7, 2012. Your comments are encouraged.

This rulemaking represents is a fee-change in how the agency will enforce the non-discrimination and affirmative action requirements for federal contractors and subcontractors when it comes to employing people with disabilities. There are to be hiring goals. The agency is suggesting the contractors establish a 7% employment goal for every job group in their workforces. The goal is meant to be a yardstick to help employers assess how they're doing and to help OFCCP better evaluate their efforts.