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Two statewide coalitions believe the quality of our Kansas communities is at risk

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Two statewide coalitions representing a broad section of the state of Kansas conducted a town hall meeting in Pittsburg. The Big Tent Coalition and Kansans for Quality Communities both believe the quality of our Kansas communities is at risk. “If anything is cut or lowered again in our state budget there will be further destruction to the already dramatic cuts that have been made.” Shannon Jones the Executive Director of the Statewide Independent Living Council of Kansas shared in the opening of the meeting.



The groups came together to urge legislators and advocates to become involved in the decision making processes that affect the state budget. Advocates were encouraged to ask their legislators to value the items that lead to quality of the services offered in the state.

People were reminded of the budget proposed in January of this year by Governor Brownback and passed by the legislature that included dramatic reductions in funding. People were urged to contact their representatives to begin working on solutions for the 2013 and 2014 budgets.

Areas significantly affected included public education and social service safety net. In response these services have struggled to continue to provide quality education and to meet the needs of Kansas seniors, the disabled, and people recovering from a mental illness. “People are in desperate need.” was the statement that expressed the effects of the cuts.

As our state moves into an uncertain future, questions we need to ask:
#1. How can we strengthen, and improve upon, our community’s quality resources for Kansans with disabilities of all ages? This includes all people with disabilities.  Not limited to any disability such as, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health challenges, the frail elderly, traumatic brain injuries and children with severe emotional disturbances.

#2. How can we strengthen, and improve upon, our community’s investment in quality public education?

#3. How can we best protect, and improve upon, our community’s investment in both a quality public workforce and quality infrastructure?