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Law officals report there will be a domestic violence intervention on every shift in SEK

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Katy Parker with the Family Peace Initative "Officers report that they will have a domestic violence intervention every shift--that’s a given".


Katy Parker is one of the program facilitators for Family Peace Initiative. It is a domestic violence program that has been around since 1993. In addition to facilitating the groups she also responsible for doing assessments and determining if this is a service that people will be able to use.

In discussing the amount of domestic violence in south east Kansas; Katy explained, "Officers report that they will have a domestic violence intervention every shift--that’s a given. And that is in Parsons, Pittsburg, the rural counties, all over southeast Kansas".

Family Peace Initiative conducts two groups one in Parsons and another in Girard. Additional individuals are served as far away as Fort Scott, some are actually being referred from the state of Missouri.

Katy explained how people are referred to the program, "It is not something that people will typically volunteer for. We get our referrals primarily from court services so it is people who have been arrested and sometimes convicted of domestic violence. Or sometimes it’s part of a diversion agreement. But it is always referred by an outside agency".

The program is operated in a group format. It is not an individual training program. Groups size usually runs approximately nine. However as the need arises the groups can grow to 15 or more at any one time. It’s an open format, which means people can start or stop the program at any time. To complete the course they must attend a full 24 week training..

Training is built on accountability. This means that the person learns to take responsibility for their actions; what they say, what they do. Katy stated, "We have a component on sexual respect, parenting, we have seven different sections that we cover".

In discussing the success of the program Katy believes, "It is very successful. And I can base this on what someone looks like when they come in for assessment and then go through the orientation to prepare for group. We see a tremendous change in their resistance or even anger at us. And at the end of our program, as part of the completion, they write an apology letter and again, be accountable for their actions. And that letter is our best judge of how much they have changed and if they have changed enough to complete".

If you want to find out more about Family Peace Initiative contact Evelyn Peak. She is the program coordinator. She handles the referral process and the scheduling and gathers all the information that is needed to stat the assessment process. The phone number is (620)778-8026