SKIL was created by; is driven by; and is focused on persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. We provide Advocacy, Education, and Support with Customer Controlled services to break down and remove existing barriers and bridge social gaps to ensure and preserve Equality and Independence for all.

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Mary Breedwell - I just thank God and praise Him for SKIL

Mary Breedwell lives in Coffeyville. She uses SKIL for her services that make it possible for her to stay in her own home. Mary has some health issues that make it very difficult to do many of the chores needed around the house. "It is just a rough time in life right now." Accessible transcript

"SKIL has been such a blessing to me. I don't know what I would do without them." She explained her feelings about SKIL. "They have been a God send to have somebody that cared enough to help provide for my needs."

A direct support staff person comes into Mary's home on a regular basis to help with cleaning, meals, wash clothes, and bathing. The home and community based waivers that SKIL works through provides the resources to make it possible for Mary to hire someone that she chooses to enter her home. There is a sense of security in being able to hire and direct this person yourself. In many cases family members can be the personal care attendant.

Mary explained how she feels about this type of relationship, "It makes me feel good to know that I can let whoever I want come in and I don't have to let a stranger because the way the world is today you just don't know.."

Additional resources she has utilized included mobility scooters, a pendant from the hospital that alerts them if she falls, a shower chair, and various other items around the house.

Mary is working with her case manager to get a ramp installed at this time. "I just thank God and praise Him for SKIL and people like them in the world, to help everybody that is in need."