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Many SKIL employees who use the Global Cash card have not gotten paid today. This is a problem happening with many companies who rely on Netspend/Global Cash all over the state of Kansas. Today no one has been paid and no one is getting a direct answer as to why. Netspend holds millions of dollars from many companies across the state. SKIL is far from the only one.

Here's a link to an article explaining more about the issues:

MetaBank of Sioux Falls, SD is the main bank involved. This is a link to the news story about their issue:

So what should you do?
We are working on it from our end, but we would advise everyone to call and voice their complaints ASAP. Like the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. The numbers to call are as follows:

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission): 877-382-4357

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: 855-411-2372

Global Cash: 949-751-0360

Also, you can call the Texas State Attorney General's office (Netspend who controls these entities, is located in Texas). Their number is 1-800-621-0508.

Global Cash/Netspend is holding millions of dollars of people's hard-earned money. We need to speak out and demand our money.