ADA Celebration 2022

Our July ADA Celebration will be our first large celebration since 2019!

Not only will it be fully in-person, but we are also celebrating SKIL’s 30 Year Anniversary!

We have a few special opportunities this year to get the community involved

Show your Talent FOR THE: ADA Americans with Disabilities Act Celebrate the ADA! July 26, 2022 SKIL Center Resource 30th Anniversary For $15 you can have a booth to show to all our visitors your talents If you are an artist or you have an small business and want to have the opportunity to show it, we can offer to you a public space in our event. If you are interested in to participate you can fill the form at: or you can scan the QR Code from your Smartphone:

If you’re wanting to apply to host a booth for a Job Fair or Talent Booth you can do so with this link.

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