$100 Vaccination Winner – Chanute

Woman on left with sunglasses on smiling while being handed an envelople. Woman on right handing an envelope with a mask on. Below is text that says Prize Winner Rebecca Stout, left, of Earlton received $100 Tuesday from Southeast Kansas Independent Living during the SKIL'S vaccination clinic and client appreciation picnic June 24. SKIL also presented a check from the Columbus event and two from the parsons event, said Mary Reynolds, SKIL Director of Independent Living, right.

Our Chanute Customer Appreciation Picnic winner of $100, Rebecca Stout (shown left in picture) and Mary Reynolds, SKIL’s IL Director, representing SKIL in the Chanute Tribune. 

The remaining picnics for your chance to win $100 by getting a vaccination are located on the event page on our SKIL website!

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