COVID-19 Vaccine Information

What is COVID-19?
It is a short way of saying Coronavirus Disease 2019. It’s nickname is Coronavirus. It is a terrible virus making people sick all around the world. Getting this virus is bad for you.

What is a vaccine?
A vaccine is medicine. It usually comes in a shot. It protects you from getting sick. Each vaccine protects you from one illness. For example, the flu vaccine protects you from getting the flu. It does not protect you from getting a cold.

The government works hard to make sure vaccines are safe. You have probably had many vaccines in your life. Most of them are given when someone is a baby.
Getting a vaccine is good for you.
What To Know About The COVID-19 Vaccine?
Many COVID-19 vaccines are being
made. Most require you to get 2 shots. You get the second shot 3 to 4 weeks after you got the first one. The second shot is like a booster shot. It is important for you to get both shots for the vaccine to work.
The vaccine is free.

It takes time to make enough vaccine for everybody.
Your state decides when you can get the vaccine.

Doctors and nurses will get the vaccine first.
Then elders and people with certain health problems like diabetes or heart disease will get the vaccine. Ask your doctor if you have questions about when it will be your turn to get the vaccine.

You get the vaccine at the places where you get a flu shot.
Talk to your doctor about what will happen when you get the COVID-19 vaccine. There are some side effects.

For example:
•	Your arm will be sore where you get the shot (just like when you get a flu shot).
•	You might feel tired or have a fever after you get the shot.

Always get your second shot even if you had side effects.
You need both shots for the vaccine to work.

Will I need to wear a mask after I get a vaccine shot?
YES! You must wear a mask and follow social distancing rules after you get the vaccine. It takes time for the vaccine to build up in your body. It might take 2 months until the vaccine protects you from getting sick.

We all must keep wearing masks. Doctors will tell us when it is safe to be in public without a mask.
Other details:
•	For now, the vaccine is not for children.
•	Some younger and healthy adults might have to wait until spring to get the vaccine. The goal is for everybody to get a vaccine by June.
•	The people who are more likely to get COVID-19 include: people of color, elders, and people with certain health problems like diabetes or heart disease.
Your state has a plan to make sure these groups of people get the vaccine as soon as possible.
•	If you tested positive for COVID-19 that means you got the virus. Talk with your doctor about getting the vaccine.

Call the Disability Rights office in your state if you think your rights are being violated in getting your COVID-19 vaccine. You can find one near you at: agencies/

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