SKIL was created by; is driven by; and is focused on persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. We provide Advocacy, Education,
and Support with Customer Controlled services to break down and remove existing barriers and bridge social gaps to ensure and preserve
Equality and Independence for all.

Resource Central

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1 Resource Central - The Spirit of Marty Wooten with Shari Coatney Brandon Nivens 610
2 Resource Central - Updates with Shari Brandon Nivens 330
3 Resource Central - Daren Sorrick Talks Progress Brandon Nivens 171
4 Resource Central - Rob Jones Bikes Across America Brandon Nivens 271
5 Resource Central - Former State Rep. Bob Grant SKILmedia 269
6 Resource Central - Lou Ann Coyler Everybody Plays Update Brandon Nivens 334
7 Resource Central - Gwain January & Taxes 2014 Brandon Nivens 303
8 Resource Central - SKIL Annual Christmas Dinner 2013 Brandon Nivens 1112
9 Resource Central - A Talk with John George Brandon Nivens 301
10 Resource Central - Kevin Olson's Book Signing Brandon Nivens 410
11 Resource Central - 9/11 Survivor Michael Hingson SKILmedia 336
12 Resource Central - Allen Crim with SKIL Brandon Nivens 398
13 Resource Central - Joe Reineker with SKILmedia Brandon Nivens 331
14 Resource Central - Cindy Jones and Assistive Technology Brandon Nivens 404
15 Resource Central - Louann Coyler and the Everybody Plays Program. Brandon Nivens 310
16 Resource Central - Beverly Burton with Financial Management Services Brandon Nivens 577
17 Resource Central - National Nurses Week with Independent Strides Brandon Nivens 532
18 Resource Central - MS Walk with Dr. Steve Miller Brandon Nivens 578
19 Resource Central: Angel Shaver - 2013 Ms. Wheelchair Kansas Brandon Nivens 620
20 The "Cool Collectibles" Show Returns to Parsons Anne Marie Hughey 739
21 The SKIL Annual Christmas Dinner with Greg Jones Brandon Nivens 771
22 Steve Lardy and Jim Zaleski Win Fishing Show Award Brandon Nivens 868
23 Frank Sesno - Moderator of the National Forum on Disability Issues Brandon Nivens 3647
24 Sue Hetrick - Co-Coordinator for National Forum on Disability Issues Brandon Nivens 1626
25 Candidates Speak at Pittsburg SKIL Picnic Brandon Nivens 671
26 Stephen Busby Tells His Story Brandon Nivens 588
27 Linda Diedeker And Her Decade With SKIL Brandon Nivens 516
28 Live from the ADA Celebration 2012! Brandon Nivens 559
29 Rick Macias Talks KLKC and SKIL Survey Calls Brandon Nivens 500
30 America Wins - ADA Celebration Bill Cochran 567
31 Advocacy is the heart of any center for independent living. Bill Cochran 525
32 Dennis Atkins and Katy Days Bill Cochran 633
33 2012 Columbus Picnic - Podcast and Photos Bill Cochran 636
34 Wichita Eagle - Brownback deliberately chose not to use available resources to reduce the waiting list Bill Cochran 1068
35 SEK 9th Annual Fishing Has No Boundaries Bill Cochran 936
36 Laughter is Good Medicine Bill Cochran 3274
37 Disability Etiquette Bill Cochran 2844
38 Vicki Souter Assistive Technology Specialist explains how simple "techology" can be. Bill Cochran 1130
39 Dennis Atkins invites everyone to tune in to KLKC or KSEK Radio Friday morning. Bill Cochran 1322
40 Dennis Atkins coming to you live from SKIL Bill Cochran 1264
41 David Engledow calls himself a guinea pig but now is working to teach others about epilepsy Bill Cochran 1335
42 Mr. Kareem Dale, Special Assistant to the President for Disability Policy is discussing the ADA regulations that went to effect March 15th 2012. Bill Cochran 1515
43 Intel Reader and Ergo Gardening - Kansas Assistive Technology Bill Cochran 1398
44 National Ag Day and Steve Hoover with AgrAbility Bill Cochran 1297
45 Jeff Simpson has been waiting since May 2010 Bill Cochran 1442
46 Gary Cookus and Harlem Ambassadors benefit for a 20 year USAF Veteran Bill Cochran 1492
47 Cindy Miller has been waiting on the services that she has already been approved to receive since October 2010 Bill Cochran 1499
48 Kansas asked the federal government Thursday January 26th to waive some of its rules so that the state can overhaul its $2.9 billion Medicaid program Bill Cochran 1306
49 Stephen L. Busby "My story" Bill Cochran 3237
50 Abe Jahansouz is on the Physical Disability Waiver Waiting List since September 2009 Bill Cochran 1631
51 Why is Timebanking a good idea? by Richard Raygor Bill Cochran 1376
52 Pat Shiu is the Director of the Office of Federal Contracts and Compliance programs discusses new job opportunities for people with disabilities Bill Cochran 1324
53 How the time banking process could work- Richard Raygor Bill Cochran 1239
54 W2 information for all DSW employees Bill Cochran 4063
55 Richard Raygor and Time Banking Bill Cochran 2148
56 Working Healthy orientation Bill Cochran 3804
57 Monte Zenk Bicycle Repair Buisness Bill Cochran 2204
58 Shelly Logan with Citizens National Bank Bill Cochran 2541
59 Bill Snider was the lucky recipient of an all expense paid trip to Texas Motor Speedway to attend the NASCAR race this year with Brad Brooks. Bill Cochran 2138
60 Two statewide coalitions believe the quality of our Kansas communities is at risk Bill Cochran 1608
61 Law officals report there will be a domestic violence intervention on every shift in SEK Bill Cochran 1880
62 Local Resource Development - Helps citizens of SEK living in Oswego Bill Cochran 2193
63 Pod-cast on Town Hall meetings Bill Cochran 1394
64 Waiting List Options - Premier Designs as an option to work and not remain on a waiting list. Bill Cochran 1853
65 Rick Macias go forward with it. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Bill Cochran 1546
66 Joe Casilis, SEK-ADAPT and Shari Coatney on My Medicaid Matters Podcast Bill Cochran 1577
67 Direct Deposit Bill Cochran 5493
68 Statewide Olmstead Activity Bill Cochran 3101
69 Susan Roberson and "Flame" Bill Cochran 3405
70 Assistive Technology EXPO 2011 September 8-9, 2011 Bill Cochran 2299
71 Mary Breedwell - I just thank God and praise Him for SKIL Bill Cochran 1552
72 From Japan to Parsons - Lee Bowman Bill Cochran 1519
73 ikan Pre-Caucus Conference Bill Cochran 3335
74 Steve Moffit - Budget traing Bill Cochran 3160
75 Diana Morton Bill Cochran 5089
76 July 15th Four State Farm Show Bill Cochran 3906
77 SKIL trains other Centers for Independent Living Bill Cochran 1470
78 Workforce Investment Act Bill Cochran 3400
79 Public Forums focused on Medicaid Reform Bill Cochran 1468
80 Columbus Picnic and Karaoke Bill Cochran 3260
81 Stephanie Sanford with KACIL and Olmstead Celebration Bill Cochran 1815
82 Building Better Communities Bill Cochran 3058
83 David Sierra Audio Technician Bill Cochran 1896
84 How people are suffering with out services. Bill Cochran 1687
85 Video interview of David Sierra. Bill Cochran 2154


Time Sheet Submission

DSW Electronic Time Sheet Submission can now be done directly through the SKIL website. Take a photo of your time sheets and supporting documents and upload directly to the SKIL website at the DSW Submit Timesheet page.  There is a sub-menu link for it directly below the "DSW time sheets" menu located in the top menu and in the left menu of the home page.