SKIL was created by; is driven by; and is focused on persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. We provide Advocacy, Education,and Support with Customer Controlled services to break down and remove existing barriers and bridge social gaps to ensure and preserve Equality and Independence for all.

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Field Reports from ADAPT

Southeast Kansas ADAPT advocates give updated reports from the field in Washington DC. And Johnny Cresndo sings out with “Not dead yet” Send your commments to 

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ADAPT in DC wrap-up

ADAPT in DC fall of 2010 people in the streets protestingMonday, September 20, 2010  Right now 300 plus ADAPTers are blocking streets around the White House. ADAPT was headed to the White House to tell President Obama to live up to his campaign promise to end the institutional bias and support the Community Choice Act. Sadly, the Obama White House is limiting the right to protest. No more than 25 people can protest at the WH without a permit. No other administration has done this.

Can you help tell the Obama administration to meet with ADAPT and hear our demands?

Right now we need YOU to contact the White House at! The action is nationwide, help us get the President's attention. YOU can make it happen!

Why is giving people the right to live in their own homes and communities so difficult? Why will the federal government pay for people to live in a nursing home but not in the community when the aggregate costs are less? Sane policy in this arena is not rocket science.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
ADAPT Protest Brings Real Solutions to HUD-blocks 3 entrances  As I write this, 300 ADAPTERS are blocking 3 entrances to the HUD building in Washington, DC. What's up with that?
These are folks that live full lives and have better things to do with their time so why protest how federal housing dollars are spent?
There are still many in our society who want seniors and people with disabilities locked away in nursing homes and other institutions..out of sight out of mind. That's especially true if you are a senior or person with a disability who has a low income....and with 1 in 7 Americans living in poverty....well do the math. Tens of thousands of seniors and people with disabilities need affordable, integrated, accessible housing.

Yet 20 years after the ADA was signed into law, HUD still spends our tax dollars so that seniors and people with disabilities are forced to live ....and too often institutions.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Liberating Women with Disabilities  Today 300 ADAPT activists called on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to liberate women with disabilities from institutions by supporting the Community Choice Act. We covered all the entrances at 1st and Constitution NW in DC where Pelosi was receiving the Alice Paul award at a luncheon. Alice Paul was a first wave feminist leader and the annual award is sponsored by the Sewell Belmont House.

68.4 % of all nursing home residents are women. You can bet they would rather be in their own homes with services and supports. Most are seniors and women with disabilities and definitely not rich. These women are not exactly on Speaker Pelosi's high priority list.

Sadly these women are also not high on the priority list of most feminists. All the women in ADAPT and many women with disabilities around the country were stoked about today's action. Most of us are feminists and would love to build links to a women's movement that, for the most part, ignores us.

What's the story here? Women with disabilities are among the most excluded and oppressed in the country. One would think the women's movement would be all over us. Not.

Instead it is often conservatives who attempt to build political alliances with us. The ADA was signed by President Bush 1 and President Bush 2 implemented and funded Money Follows the Person to get people with disabilities out of institutions, receiving services and supports in our own homes. Read more at

Disability History and Awareness Month

Cherese JenksToday is the first day of Disability History and Awareness Month!!!
Did you know:
Posted by Cherese Jenks 
Two former football players in the NFL were deaf. In 1973 Bonnie Sloan played for the St. Louis Cardinals and in 1990 Kenny Walker played for the Denver Bronco’s. A football player at Gallaudet University paved the way for these players. In 1894 he invented the huddle after getting frustrated that the other team would try to watch their hand signals to guess what play they were going to run. Signal calling from the coach to the players was influenced by American Sign Language. Without it coaches would have to sub a player each play to ensure the call got to the players on the field. Sign language has played a role in evolving football into the game it is today.
The disability rights movement started at the same time other civil rights movements like, the African American Movement and the Women's Movement began. However, it took several more years for laws to be passed that would grant equal rights to persons with disabilities. By teaching the history of the disability rights movement to our children, as part of the civil rights curriculum, we will open doors for inclusion, compassion, better communication and respect for our children with disabilities. Not only that, but how empowering for a child with a disability to learn that their voice matters. That people just like them had such an impact on our society. Persons with disabilities make up the largest minority group and are still fighting for equal rights, today. Disability does not discriminate; it's in every race, gender, sexual orientation and age group. Not only is it natural but, it's inevitable. We will all age and with age come issues with sight, mobility, hearing and cognition. Support this movement and you will be molding how you are treated when you become disabled. Join the cause...

Kansas Constitution sanctions discrimination?

Did you know that the Kansas Constitution sanctions discrimination against all people with a mental health issue?

Probably not. In fact, the issue had basically flown under the political radar until 2008. That’s when a group of mental health consumers and advocates learned that the state constitution allows the Legislature to take away the right to vote from this broad class of people with disabilities.

To address this issue, the Kansas Mental Health Coalition (KMHC) is conducting a statewide "Yes on 2" public education campaign to protect the right to vote for all Kansans. Its goal is to convince voters to support Constitutional Amendment #2 on the ballot.

"Voting Yes on Constitutional Amendment 2 in the November 2nd General Election will protect the voting rights of our friends, family members and neighbors with mental health issues once and for all," said Dr. Roy Menninger, Chair of the KMHC.

At issue is the fact that the Kansas Constitution contains outdated language that allows the Legislature to take away the right to vote from any Kansan with a "mental illness." Read More

Fredonia Picnic 2010

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Pictured above is Pam Spohn and Melanie Burnett

Click any of the thumbnails below to enlarge the photos of the event.

The photos are of the people enjoying the event and sharing together.

Thursday September 23 approximately 75 residents of the Fredonia area gathered at the Assembly of God Church on Washington street for the Fredonia Annual Advocacy  picnic.

Earlier in the afternoon Melanie Burnett coordinator for the area and Ann Riley had been at the office wrapping up the final plans for the event. Ed Viers arrived with a pick-up truck and he and Roger Burnett filled the back with the need supplies for the event. Virginia Wheaton long time resident of the area and also a SKIL Ambassador of First Impressions was on hand answer calls and direct folks to the event.

The plan for the evening included Ed grilling the hamburgers and hot dogs at his home. So as the rest of the team set up for the event. Bill Cochran made a trip to Ed's house for the first delivery of the food.
Everything came together right on schedule as Virgina put on her working jacket and began to welcome the guests. And to be sure everyone had a ticket for the drawing of the door prizes. 
The winners were:
Ramona Gardner- Candle
Sharon Ruby-Movie Rental and Mug
Shelly Cunningham-Forgive Plaque
Matt Focks-$25.00 Gift Certificate
Wade Bryant-Mum
William Kidd-Popourri
Betty Hann-T-Shirt
Jacob Taylor-Movie Rental and Mug
Michael Smith-Mum

Ann Riley received a certificate of Appreciation for all of the assistance that she provides in the office. She has been a faithful volunteer with SKIL for several years. Ann stated, " I have my garage full stuff. If anyone ever needs anything I can help. I've been helping folks for more than 40 years."

One of the highlights of the evening was when Pam Spohn asked to have a photo taken of her and Melanie. " This is the short and tall of SKIL."  she said. Everyone cheered and all agreed it should be a SKIL Guinness Record.

Lafarge North America/Systech, R. Puckett Farms, Steve's True Value Hardware, Studebaker Refrigeration along with several other business locations in Fredonia and Neodesha donated  gifts and support to make the event possible.