SKIL was created by; is driven by; and is focused on persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. We provide Advocacy, Education,and Support with Customer Controlled services to break down and remove existing barriers and bridge social gaps to ensure and preserve Equality and Independence for all.

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February Voice of Freedom Newsletter

February Voice of Freedom Newsletter Includes....
My Home For The Holidays 2009 and More.
SKIL Resource Center hosted their “My Home For The Holidays” annual event at the Parsons VFW Friday December 4th. More than 500 people gathered to share in a holiday meal served by Ultimate Choice Catering of Pittsburg.
Ed Reynolds opened the meeting with a prayer of thanks for the previous year. State Representative Julie Menghini welcomed the crowd from all over the state, as residents had traveled from Hays area to attend the event.
Billy Altom the Executive Director for APRIL (Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living) was the keynote speaker. APRIL is a national membership organization that works specifically with organizations that focus on integration of people with disabilities. Billy’s address combined music with recognizing the history of the disability movement. It also focused on the future and the need for people to not back down from the difficult barriers faced in their communities. Click Here for Newsletter

Feminine Mystique Advocacy Club

Feminine Mystique Advocacy Club
February 10, 2010   12pm – 2pm  @ Yates Center SKIL office
 119 West Butler Yates Center 625-2818 for info
We will be making valentines for the nursing facility residents and sending valentines to our Representatives.
Marylin will be serving chili!  That is also Commodity day so plan to pick up your food that day.

House Taxation Committee vote to adversely report

House Taxation Committee vote to adversely report

Governor Parkinson’s sales tax bill

Kansans for Quality Communities January 28, 2010

Kansans for Quality Communities is deeply disappointed in the House Taxation Committee vote to adversely report Governor Parkinson’s sales tax bill. Especially troubling is the lack of support for Representative Menghini’s motion to table the bill until the committee had a more complete understanding of the real size of the budget gap and the impact of deeper cuts to already suffering programs.

We will see more damage done to critical state services if the legislature fails to close the budget gap with revenue increases. Just this week the Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center in Lawrence announced the need to reduce by 25% their outreach to the homeless. Superintendent Mike Kastle of LeRoy-Gridley USD 245 told the Senate Education Committee that the school district had cut back to a four day week and was depending on community businesses to provide free or reduced rate services to keep the district running.

These cuts are real and painful. As our neighbors face the loss of critical social services from mental health counseling to home-based care for the elderly to educational opportunity for our children, we find it troubling that the House Taxation Committee would simply reject outright a revenue proposal so early in the legislative session.

Strict party line votes in the committee demonstrate a serious lack of bipartisanship. The needs of Kansas communities should not become a partisan issue.

We call upon leadership of both parties to set aside philosophy and to work for a bipartisan solution that honors Kansas communities.

These extraordinary times call for extraordinary courage. This is the time for our representatives in Topeka to demonstrate that courage.

Association of Community Mental Health Centers of Kansas
Disability Rights Center of Kansas
InterHab Resource Network for Kansans with Disabilities
Kansas Area Agencies on Aging Association
Kansas Association of Public Employees
Kansas Families for Education
Kansas National Education Association
Kansas Organization of State Employees
Statewide Independent Living Council of Kansas

Governor meets with KHPA board

Governor meets with KHPA board Jan. 26, 2010

Public is ahead of the Legislature on tax increases and a statewide smoking ban, Parkinson says

Kansas Health Institute
TOPEKA – The public understands the need to restore recent cuts in state spending and ban smoking in public places, Gov. Mark Parkinson said today. It's the Legislature that has yet to see the light.

“I believe the public is ahead of the Legislature right now,” Parkinson said Tuesday, addressing a meeting of the Kansas Health Policy Authority Board. “You can’t open up a newspaper in any city across the state and not read about a school that’s closing, about a mental health center that’s having to lay off employees, or a nursing home that’s struggling to break even or a hospital that’s getting hit from every direction. The message is out there.”

The governor repeated his support for increasing the state tax on cigarettes and promised to do all he can to restore the 10 percent cut in payments to Medicaid providers.

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"Let them be in our shoes and let them know how it feels,"

Programs for disabled face cuts  
136095_web_community-works-WyLma-006JAN BILES/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL
WyLma “Darlene” Mortell, of Lawrence, who has a traumatic brain injury, muscular dystrophy, diabetes and asthma, would like nothing more than to have a job so she can purchase the “necessities” of life. To Mortell, paper towels are a luxury she can’t afford. Mortell, a client of Topeka-based communityworks inc., is facing a 10 percent cut in her Medicaid benefits.
LAWRENCE — WyLma "Darlene" Mortell's dream is simple: She wants to work at a job that pays her enough to buy paper towels.

What most Kansans consider a household necessity is a luxury to Mortell.
"I want a job. I've been wanting one for a long time. I want to be where I can pay my bills without worry," the 53-year-old Lawrence resident said. "I'm tired of doing without necessities. I'm tired of living without."
Mortell has traumatic brain injury as well as a host of other health concerns — muscular dystrophy, asthma, diabetes, kidney problems and seizures. She uses a wheelchair and has difficulty with expressive language and memory. She takes 11 medications a day.


Read more: "Let them be in our shoes and let them know how it feels,"