SKIL was created by; is driven by; and is focused on persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. We provide Advocacy, Education,and Support with Customer Controlled services to break down and remove existing barriers and bridge social gaps to ensure and preserve Equality and Independence for all.

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Coordinated Community Response

Coordinated Community Response 
Submitted by Katy Parker LMSW /Family Peace Initiative
In Topeka Katy Parker has been attending Batterer Intervention Program board meetings since April 2009. Through these board meetings she became aware that Four County Mental Health was bringing the Duluth Model (battery intervention program) trainers to Independence, KS. When she attended the training, part of the curriculum was devoted to teaching the group how to start a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) in communities. 
Without a coordinated response, Batterer Intervention Programs (BIP) have proven to be ineffective. SKIL’s current Family Peace Initiative program has been available since 1993. However it was noticed that Labette County was not using the FPI services at this time. Through Katy’s experience at existing Domestic Violence Task forces in Crawford and Cherokee she approached the existing Labette County SANE/SART team about adding domestic violence to their agenda. SANE/SART is the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and the Sexual Assault Response Team. 
The group was willing to add Domestic Violence to what is already in place. With that, Katy Parker of FPI asked Rebecca Reedy from Crises Resource Center to come to the monthly meetings. As a group, we will decide if additional agencies will need to be involved. 
Katy has also been coordinating with Michelle McCormick, the Batterer Intervention Program coordinator with the Kansas Attorney General's office to provide and coordinate training needed to put together a Coordinated Community Response. It will require key players in the community, who are able to affect change. They will need to contribute the necessary time and effort to develop a plan on how we can all work together and be consistent when processing a Domestic Violence case.

Fredonia Family Style

Fredonia Family Style
Fredonia celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday with a family style dinner. Customers brought in all the great tasting dishes and put it all together for one fantastic meal. Conversations were going on all over the fellowship hall of the Assembly of God Church. Melanie Burnett, Ed Viers and all the staff and volunteers are part of the family that works together in the Fredonia area. Customers all brought in some great dishes to go along with the turkey and trimmings that were already available. According to Bill Cochran, “I really liked the apricot pie!” Ed was partial to the last turkey leg.

Columbus Community Celebration

Columbus Community Celebration
The Cherokee County office in Columbus gathered at the Columbus Community Center for a Thanksgiving dinner. Families and friends, Customers and Personal Care Attendant, Staff and Volunteers came together to share in not only a great meal but some close conversations about what has happened in the last year and what the next holds.
Cindy Zahm photographed the day and the images are at Gwain January coordinator for the office reports that one of his grandsons is home from the hospital and the second, Owen may be released before Christmas. â€œPlease thank everyone again for their prayers & support.”, Gwain January stated.
Also Pat Roark the manager for all the SKIL Counselors celebrated her Forty-sixth wedding anniversary with her husband Bob on November 2, 2009. Pat reports that there are two new SKIL Counselors. Shashh Tsinhnahjinnie is working as Independent Living Counselor in the Columbus Office. Emily Fogelman is a new Independent Living Counselor in the Pittsburg office.

Thanksgiving is Served!

Thanksgiving is Served!
Staff and helpers from SKIL Independence office served up its second annual Thanksgiving meal Tuesday November 17 for the local office's clients and friends. 
Counselor Tanya King said the meal began last year as an appreciation luncheon for those clients that SKIL serves as customers, but it now is open to the community. "They can bring family. friends," King said.  
"I invited as many elderly as I could," independent living coordinator Richard Davis said.  
This year First United Methodist Church volunteered its Wesley Center and kitchen as a bigger location for the meal. Organizers prepared 10 turkeys and several area merchants donated items, including Calico Cafe and Pam's Place in Cherryvale, which both provided stuffing and gravy, and Eggbert's restaurant, which cooked the turkeys. Other donors included G&W in Cherryvale Save-a-Lot. In addition to turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, the meal included green beans, meatballs and a wide array of desserts. 
The group holds advocacy meetings third Tuesday of each month, so King says they are already planning for the next Thanksgiving.


Recognizing the Difference 
This article is submitted by Shelly Hinkle, RN. Shelly is the Public Relations/Staff Coordinator with Independent Strides Home Health. Independent Strides Home Health is located at 315 North 16th Street Parsons, KS. Call 620-423-3328 if you would like more information.  Click here for info.   
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Fever: Cold – Rarely / Flu – Usually 100 -102 degrees F. lasting 3-4 days
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