SKIL was created by; is driven by; and is focused on persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. We provide Advocacy, Education,and Support with Customer Controlled services to break down and remove existing barriers and bridge social gaps to ensure and preserve Equality and Independence for all.

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Happy Birthday Lucy

Happy Birthday Lucy
Wednesday March 18, 2009 “SKIL’sters” was a day for lots of “Monkey Business”.  Lucy was sure to inform everyone that there would be a birthday party in the conference room.  A memo that she wrote let everybody know there would be balloons and cake and lots of fun.

Lucy celebrated her 49th birthday in high fashion. Everyone joined in and sang Happy Birthday. And Lucy went to work on cards, stickers and birthday surprises.
There were a lot of monkeys in the cards. Lucy has a special fondness for monkeys. If you ask her she will share just how many she has collected in her home.

Everyone had a great time and the cake was very good.

Assistive Technology or AT is just plain fun

daniel_in_his_new_swing_chair.jpgAssistive Technology or AT is just plain fun.

By Vicki Souter
Sometimes our job over at AT is just plain fun and so rewarding!! Here is a guy that needed something that would provide him with Vestibular input, allowing him to feel calm and relaxed, and also allow him increased proprioceptive input that would give his joints and muscles the benefit of deep stimulus on important pressure points. 

Through a program that helps children by funding items they can't afford on their own, Zallers Trust, managed by Bruce Borders out of Independence, we were able to purchase this swing and some adaptive silverware for Daniel. 

I think the look on his face says it all!  I feel so blessed to be a part of helping anyone with a disability to find things that will enhance their environment and help them live the best life they can live! 

Thanks SKIL and Zallers for giving Daniel and myself this simple pleasure!  Call us at 620-421-6551 or 1-800-526-3648 if there is something we can help you with!  You will ask for Rita and she will guide you in the process!  Vicki Souter AT Specialist, Southeast Kansas Assistive Technology Access Site located at 110 South 18th Parsons, KS. 67357.

Baker Wants Communication

Baker Wants Communicationjill_baker_working_at_a_desk.jpg

There  are  some  great  things  about  USD  503 schools,  however,  USD  503 Board of Education candidate Jill  Baker  said  she  believes there are still issues that need to be addressed.

Baker  said  she  is  the  parent of a grade school student in Parsons, hears from many other  parents  in  regard  to problems they are facing and hopes  to  bring  awareness  to the  board  in  regard  to  such matters. In turn, she hopes it spurs action to address them.

“I am passionate about  the  issues  in  the  schools, particularly  the grade  schools, which  starts  the  students’ formative years and sets the tone for their future in education — whether they like school or don’t, whether they excel or don’t. It makes or breaks how kids are going to learn, or sometimes even, if they are going  to continue  to go  to school  in high school.  If they have trouble in grade school, it will carry over to middle school and high school,” Baker said. “I feel that is where the most work needs to be done.”

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Community Choice Act

544485.jpgCommunity Choice Act

Community services have been shown to be less expensive on average than institutional services, and better liked by individuals. In FY 2005 67% of our total $94.5 billion long term care Medicaid dollars ($63.3 billion) are spent on nursing homes and other institutional services, leaving only 33% ($31.2billion) for all community services (waivers, personal care, home health, etc.)

1) The demographics of our country are changing. More and more people with disabilities are living, and could be thriving! Reasons for these changes include:
a) the aging process, the graying of America,
b) children born with disabilities are living,
c) young adults, who previously would have died from
accidents or illnesses, are living -- thanks to medical
technology and other advances.

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What has been happening in the SEDAN SKIL office?

What has been happening in the SEDAN SKIL office?

by J. Waller, TCM/ILC and Diana Clanton, Receptionist
  Kansas Food Assistance Update:
 J. Waller has been attending a free meal program at the Methodist Church in Winfield, called Tuesday's Table.  The church women have been preparing a very nice meal for anyone in the community to come and enjoy for free.  They are planning to continue this meal every Tuesday in the months of March, April and May. 
I have been attending to provide the meal recipients with the new Kansas Food Assistance Information and answering any questions.  I was able to provide several people with information concerning the SEK-CAP program on Weatherization and also where to receive free assistance with filing 2008 income tax.

Community Activities and Outreach:  
  The SEDAN SKIL Office is getting more involved with the activities in Sedan.  J. has volunteered to dress as the Easter Bunny on April the 11th for the children's Easter Egg Hunt on the courthouse lawn.  Diana and J. will be operating the Gregg Movie Theater that weekend.  The movie theater is operated by volunteers in the community on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights in order to keep the theater open. 

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