SKIL was created by; is driven by; and is focused on persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. We provide Advocacy, Education,and Support with Customer Controlled services to break down and remove existing barriers and bridge social gaps to ensure and preserve Equality and Independence for all.

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buzz_logo.jpg References and Information on how to file an Olmstead complaint. 

Shannon Jones Ex. Dir of SILCK ..."the Office of Civil Rights at Health and Human Services would then investigate the complaint, and it’s all done under the Privacy Act, but they would then investigate to see if that complaint is valid. If it is accepted by the Office of Civil Rights, and then, I would imagine, the Office of Civil Rights then would go into negotiations with the state. You don’t have to hire an attorney. Like I said, there’s no cost to the individual. Your centers for independent living also have history and have the experience of filing these complaints, so to find out more about that, I would encourage folks to call their local center for independent living." More at

U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins

Written by Bill   
Saturday, 24 January 2009 22:20

Some, including Lou Ann Colyer and Dave Sorrick from Southeast Kansas Independent Living, had specific reasons for attending; others merely sought an introduction......

lynn_jenkinsBy Andra Bryan Stefanoni

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PITTSBURG, Kan. — A steady stream of constituents came through the door Friday afternoon at 701 N. Broadway as U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins, R.-Kan., formally opened her district office.

“It’s important to have a constant and steady presence in a community that is kind of the heart and soul of Southeast Kansas,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins, the former state treasurer who defeated Democrat Nancy Boyda for the U.S. House post, spends Tuesday through Thursday in Washington, then returns to Topeka.

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Ron Garnett

 In honor of Ron Garnett long time Board Member of SKIL Resource Center

On January 10th, 2009 Ron Garnett died at his home in Coffeyville KS. Ron was an avid motorcyclist, wonderful father, grandfather and was loved and liked by all he met. Ron was a SKIL board member for ten years. Regardless of the barrier or the obstacle in front of him he courageously moved forward to meet the challenge. Although the travel, poor food,  long days and nights, terrible weather, getting arrested and all the noise Ron never  gave up the belief and the understanding that he was going to help change the world for his brothers and sisters with disabilities for generations to come.

Ron will be missed as a board member, an activist, a biker but more importantly a true and real brother in the disability world, the biker world and in the world of the SKIL family.

This video is from some of the memories of Ron. The song "Turn the Page" was also played at Ron's memorial service.



A memorial for Ron has been established to honor his support for SKIL and ADAPT. In addition, Shari Coatney, CEO/President of SKIL has created an award, to be given at our Annual Meeting, for a warrior that carries on Ron's commitment to ADAPT and the principles of peaceful civil disobedience. The honorariam will support one ADAPT hero at a national action each year (a scholarship, if you will). We are seeking pledges totaling $1500.00 annually. Will you make a pledge today? 15 people pledging $100.00 a year will make this reality. Or, 30 people at $50 annually... or 75 folks at $20 each would do it. Can you promise $20, $50, or $100 for the Ron Garnett Memorial?

Dave Sorrick, Director of Development & Special Projects SKIL Resource Center, Inc.

Everybody Plays A Community Playspace

EVERYBODY PLAYS!  Click here to view possible equipment

Click here for printable transcript 

Thursday morning January 22nd, members of the Multigenerational Universally Accessible Playground team rolled out the "LAUNCH" of Everybody Plays. "Members of the area wide team have worked for approximately two years developing the project to this point" stated Dave Sorrick, a Director of SKIL Resource Center.

Chuck Killingsworth, Professor at PSU explained how the play space would be developed through an organization know as Game Time. Chuck also had on site sample equipment of the company.

The project is planned to be a renovation of Schlanger Park in Pittsburg. Chamber of Commerce members from the Pittsburg Chamber met at the park Thursday morning to get a little flavor of how the park would be built and some of the plans that are in place.

Credible Arts Therapies, Inc. is affiliated with the Community Foundation of S.E. Kansas. If you would like to make a donation to the Everybody PLays project, you may mail your check to one of the following organizations:

Community Foundation of S.E. KS
Attn: Kim Clark, E.D.
117 West 4th, P.O. Box 1115
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762

Credible Arts Therapies, Inc.
Attn: Donna Bogner, Pres.
202 North Free Kings Hwy.
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762

For more information visit


LINCOLN CENTER, Pittsburg Kansas

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