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Disability News /KLKC

Medicare and Preventive Screenings

Medicare and Preventive Screenings

Parsons, Ks – The Director of Marketing at Labette Health in Parsons, Larry Goldsmith has compiled information about how 2011 changes in Medicare placed an emphasis on preventive screenings.  All people with Medicare are eligible to get a free flu shot each season, one pneumococcal shot, and one series of three shots for hepatitis B plus a cardiovascular screening with tests for cholesterol, lipid and triglyceride levels once every five years.  All people with Medicare over the age of 50 can get a fecal occult blood test for colorectal cancer screening every 12 months, a sigmoidoscopy every 48 months and a colonoscopy every 120 months. 

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Medicare's Annual Open Enrollment is from Oct. 15 - Dec. 7

Washington, DC - Every year, people with Medicare get to explore new choices and pick the health and drug plans that work best for them. This year, the Open Enrollment period is starting earlier – on October 15 – and ending sooner – December 7. This gives people with Medicare a full seven weeks to compare and make decisions, and ensures that they will have essential plan materials and membership cards in hand on January 1, 2012 when new coverage starts.

There'll be a wide range of health and drug plan options available across the country, including Original Medicare. Plans can change from year to year, so these are important choices that should be made with care. For help, people can turn to, call 1-800-MEDICARE, or consult with a local State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP).

My Medicaid Matters

Parsons, Ks – The 2nd floor conference room at the SKIL Resource Center in downtown Parsons was filled Wednesday morning for a “My Medicaid Matters” rally.  A similar event was held at the same time in Washington, D.C..   Both rallies were organized by ADAPT, a National Disability Rights Advocacy Organization in an effort to keep state and federal lawmakers from making drastic cuts to services that help seniors, people with disabilities, mothers and children.  Each state administers its own Medicaid program but must meet federal guidelines since 60% of the funding comes from the U.S. Government.  SEK ADAPT member Leighann Spilman introduced Southeast Kansas Representative Bob Grant of Frontenac who was described as a Champion of Medicaid.  Grant said Medicaid is needed to take care of kids, the elderly and disabled.  According to Spilman, half of all Americans have a personal connection to Medicaid and 60% of Americans want to keep Medicaid programs.  Several individuals spoke at the Parsons rally about how they depend on Medicaid for themselves or family members to get care at home, instead of in an institutional setting.  One of the speakers used to work as a Personal Care Attendant.  She is now paralyzed from the waist down and said Medicaid gives her security and a good support system.  Another lady is employed through the Working Healthy Program and pays $55 a month to keep her Medicaid benefits.  Others talked about how Medicaid helps them or their children get medicine and medical services they could not otherwise afford.  Shari Coatney, a disability advocate and CEO of the SKIL Resource Center urged those in attendance to call members of the Congressional Super Committee, which is charged with reducing government spending.  People in Kansas are asked to call 866-324-3787 and leave a message for Michigan Representatives Dave Camp and Fred Upton to voice support for Medicaid services. 

U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood Takes Action to Make Websites and Kiosks Accessible to Air Travelers with Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), in its ongoing effort to ensure equal access to air transportation for all travelers, today proposed a regulation that would require airlines to make their websites accessible to individuals with disabilities and ensure that their ticket agents do the same.  DOT also proposed that airlines make automated airport kiosks at U.S. airports accessible to passengers with disabilities. U.S. airports that jointly own, lease or control such kiosks with airlines would also have responsibility for ensuring the accessibility of automated airport kiosks. 

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