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Health Insurance Coverage by Kansas County and Health Reform

Topeka, Ks - Health Policy and Research (HPR) Solutions has created a new health insurance brief, which gives uninsured percentages by Kansas County and discusses their connection with health reform.   In 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau released estimates of health insurance status in 2007 for each county in the United States.  There was quite a variation in percentages of uninsured Kansans under the age of 65 ranging from 9% in Johnson County to 29.1% in Stanton. The estimated state average was 12.7%.  Labette County had the second lowest uninsured percentage at 10.7%.  Cherokee and Leavenworth were tied at third with 10.9% followed by Montgomery and Shawnee counties at 11% and Bourbon at 11.2%.  Allen had a reading of 12.4%, Neosho came in at 12.8% with Wilson at 13.3%, Crawford at 14.8% and Woodson at 18.3%.  Counties with the largest percentages of uninsured residents were located mainly in the rural and western parts of the state.  Public opinion about the Affordable Care Act passed into law in 2010 is strongly divided amidst court battles and rulings.  However, it appears that the ACA will likely survive in some form. 2014 is when the most significant provisions of ACA take effect.  That’s also when the health insurance exchange is slated to be operational in Kansas.  It’s impossible to know exactly how many Kansans will be newly insured, how many seek health care and how the ACA will affect the healthcare system.  The U.S. Census Bureau will release insurance estimates by county for 2008 and possibly 2009 later this fall.  At that time and in subsequent years, HPR plans to prepare updates to this brief.