SKIL was created by; is driven by; and is focused on persons with disabilities, their families, and communities. We provide Advocacy, Education,and Support with Customer Controlled services to break down and remove existing barriers and bridge social gaps to ensure and preserve Equality and Independence for all.

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Public Health Info - Bed Bug Boot Camp

Parsons, Ks -  Labette Health will hold an interactive “Bed Bug Boot Camp” on September 27 at 3pm in the North Conference Room on the First Floor of the hospital at 1902 South US Highway 59  in Parsons.  The free, one-hour workshop was scheduled in response to an increase in bed bug infestations in homes and businesses throughout Kansas.  According to Schendel’s Bed Bug Division Manager Mark Lillis, “Healthcare workers, apartment managers, and hotel personnel in particular will benefit by learning best practices to identify, locate, report and eliminate bed bugs.”  Bed bugs are notoriously good hitchhikers and travel in the belongings of people.  Anywhere people congregate can become infested with bed bugs at any time.  It is nearly impossible to prevent a bed bug infestation, so early detection and prompt treatment is the best course of action.  Bed bugs feed on the blood of human beings, most often at night time, when people are asleep. Each participant in the Bed Bug Boot Camp will receive a laminated pocket card to help identify bed bugs in their home or place of business.  For more information, contact Stephanie Mackensen at Labette Health  by calling 620-820-5457 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.