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David Sierra Audio Technician

David Sierra and his wife Guadalupe were in Parsons, Kansas Wednesday May 18 for orientation and a tour of the SKIL radio stations.  Click Here for video interview.

David studied Electronic Media at Wichita State University and is to begin working as a audio technician for the KSEK/KLKC Radio group owned and operated by SKIL Resource Center.

During a recent interview for Resource Central, David explained the way process will work. Rather than leave his home in Wichita where he has built an accessible audio studio; David will work via the internet and secure online file transfer systems. He will produce audio for the radio and other SKIL programs.

David commented that one of the barriers in getting into this type of work is finding a studio designed to allow his wheel chair to roll under the audio control panels.

David shared how he became interested and involved in this type of work, "I have always been really good with computers. I was probably about six or seven when I started using one. The ability to use a computer is key to be able to be in this type of industry." David explained how in today's market virtually all audio and video editing is done on a computer.

Additional talents and skills David will be using relate to his ability to be bilingual. He is fluent in Spanish as that is actually his first language. When he moved from El Paso to Wichita he began school and had his first introduction to English. "At that age you absorb everything like a sponge."

If you are someone who is thinking about getting into this type of work, or learning a new skill David says," One thing I would definitely recommend is find a way to do research. Find something that you feel, may be out of where you feel comfortable. Once you learn about it, keep on learning about it. And then find that "Sweet Spot" where you feel like I may not know how to do this, but I think I could do this." He shared, "Do the best you can to keep your dream alive. Never allow anybody to tell you, 'You can't do this.' "

David realized, "You are the only one who would actually be able to hold yourself back."